Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Americana: Extra

The one and only Galo Recalde from my Revival Group at BSSM (Redding, California) made a short film last week. It was part of his Kingdom Creativity Track practical, and I was an extra on set.
His film is called 'Americana' and I'm 'the college girl with a pink backpack.'
Will let you guys know as soon as the film is available.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

BSSM Monthly Newsletter: Jan/Feb 2017

It feels like Christmas Break happened many years ago… when in reality it was only two months ago.
I just can’t believe how busy we’ve been since classes started again on Tuesday, 3rd of January 2017.

It feels like I have to go far back into my memory and retrace the steps of what has happened the last couple of weeks. But as always, I’ll try my best.

2017 started off with a bang. A musical bang! My wonderful friend Kathi – also a fellow BSSM 1st Year Student from Australia – invited me to join her on a trip to Sacramento on New Year’s Day. Sacramento is about 4 hours’ drive, and it is the home of Jesus Culture, the powerful band that birthed songs like Fierce and Rooftops. Not only did we visit this town, we also attended Jesus Culture’s very own church. Shawn Bolz was the guest speaker for that service, and he said something that really stuck with me: ‘When we decide to live from a place of love, we will no longer be at war with the world.’ Of course, the one and only Jesus Culture band did the worship. What a way to start off 2017!

I still have my moments where I have to pinch myself to believe that I really am in the United State s of America. Am I really in Redding, California? Am I really at Bethel Church, where Bethel Music is established? Am I really a BSSM student? Have I really watched live performances by Steffany Gretzinger, Kristene DiMarco and Kim Walker-Smith? Listened to sermons by Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker and Kris Vallotton? I regularly have my moments where everything feels so surreal, like I’m in a dream which I will soon wake up from. But that’s America for you – a place where dreams come true (no pun intended).

By the third week of January, the anticipation and excitement were high in the air. Benny Hinn, Randy Clark and Bill Johnson were the guest speakers for that week. And what a week it turned out to be!

Three things that stood out for me the most during that week was the following:

  1. How powerful testimonies are and the atmosphere it creates.
‘The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.’ How true is this Scripture verse from Revelation 19:10. The entire week was filled with testimonies and stories of miraculous healings and restoration. The more testimonies and stories were shared, the higher the electricity was in the atmosphere. And the higher the electricity became in the atmosphere, the higher the faith rose up in the hearts of the people. I had never seen anything like this before and I was truly astounded. It made me so excited for what God still wants to do on this earth.

  1. The difference between healing and creative miracles.
Right at the start, on the first day of school, Bill Johnson prayed for people with hearing problems. There were students with partial hearing loss that had their hearing restored instantly. Their ears just ‘popped open.’ This was only the start of ears being healed. But nothing would happen to me.

And then Randy Clark came and spoke about the difference between a healing and a creative miracle. Healing is something that was damaged, being restored to health. A creative miracle, however, is different. It is something that has been completely lost or completely destroyed, that needs to be recreated. It is like an arm being cut off. You cannot pray for healing for the arm, because the arm is no longer there. What you need is a creative miracle, of something that needs to be made from scratch. And it takes a true miracle for that to happen.
When I first heard this term ‘creative miracle’ – that’s when a light went on in my head. We had been praying for my healing all these years, when in fact we should’ve been praying for a creative miracle! My ears cannot simply ‘pop open’ – there is nothing that can be popped open. New ears have to be given to me, and that will take a creative miracle. It doesn’t happen as often as a healing, but it does happen.

On the last night of the conference, one of the leaders had a word of knowledge for me and she prayed for my ears for over 60 minutes. Nobody has ever done that for me before. She was persistent, and she kept going. Yet she stayed respectful towards me and my feelings. I took off my hearing aids while she was praying. There was another guy praying with her as well, and he started clapping his hands. And I heard it – without my hearing aids! It was very faint, but I could definitely hear it. After a while he also started snapping his fingers and I heard that as well! And then after a while I could hear faint music. Turns out, there was music playing very softly in the background! All this happened within that hour that she was praying for me.
I went home with renewed faith in my own healing and restoration. Even though my hearing has not yet been restored completely, I hold on to the fact that I still had a major breakthrough. Something had happened to my ears that had never before happened to me.

It was the most amazing week ever and I learnt so much about God’s heart regarding healing and restoration.
3. Disappointment is part of our walk with God.

I feel like disappointment has been a huge part of my life. I have had so many unanswered questions and issues There has been times in my life where I just felt like my relationship with God wasn’t worth pursuing any further.
What I took away the most from this week was how the leaders spoke about how they handle disappointment in life. Something shifted inside of me, and my concept about the whole thing was transformed completely. I am truly grateful that these leaders were so honest and vulnerable about their process with God and disappointment. I feel as if a cloud of doubt has been removed, and I can finally see clearly again.

Here are some of my notes on what Randy & Bill shared:

Randy Clark:
‘More people will get healed when more people pray for healing. A lot of people who believe in healing but don’t pray for the sick, they are the people who are not willing to pay the price. The price is emotional suffering. The question is: Are you willing to carry the cross? The cross of when you don’t understand why the healing didn’t happen? When it doesn’t happen, there is the disappointed heart. You want to quit because you feel the pain. This is the price tag. The same applies to churches. When a church is willing to carry the disappointments that comes with people not being healed, that is when they will start praying for people and people will get healed. Jesus didn’t say: When you understand, follow Me.’ He simply said: ‘Follow Me.’

Bill Johnson:
‘Unresolved disappointment cripples the faith of a believer more than anything else. Disappointment is rooted in unbelief. ‘I trust Him more than I understand Him’ is the attitude we should have. When you get offended, release it to a God you trust. You don’t have to understand it. Real faith doesn’t come from striving; it comes from surrendering. Don’t hold God hostage to the questions. Feed yourself on what He is doing and what He has done. Save the questions for the secret place. In that secret place you surrender the questions. Keep your prophecies and promises in your heart. Remind yourself of it constantly.’

Before I came to BSSM last year, I felt a significant shift in my relationship with the Lord. For a long time I had had the mentality of being in a ‘slave and master’ relationship, which is not entirely a bad thing. Obedience to God was my main focus. Whatever He wanted me to do, I would do it with all my heart. But when I was making the decision to come to BSSM, I felt that God was asking ME what I wanted to do. It was no longer a ‘slave and master’ relationship; it was now a ‘friend-to-friend’ relationship, a partnership.

Eric Johnson (Bill Johnson’s son) did a talk on this the 1st of February. It was truly amazing to get some clarity and answers on questions that I’ve had for the longest time. He spoke about the difference between God’s will for our lives and our destiny, also on how our relationship with God can shift from a slave-to-master relationship to being a servant-master, and ultimately to a beautiful friendship. Here are some of the notes I took that day:
‘You cannot be a good friend if you don’t know how to be a slave. Being a slave prepares you to be a good friend. You don’t want to get to the end of your life and say: God, I did everything you told me to. You want to say: God, you gave me this and this is what I did with it. Trust the process and be thankful.’

God has also been having a continuous conversation with me about what I want to do with my life, where I want to go and what are the exact desires of my heart. This is all very surprising to me and quite new and refreshing. It feels like I have moved to a new height in my relationship with Him. It no longer feels like I’m ‘trapped’ or in a cage where I have to do what is told to me. I now have a choice. And whatever it is that I want to do, God is excited with me and He wants to do it with me. Just like a real friendship.
In-between all these dramatic events I have also managed to do the following: I got a nose stud (something I’ve wanted to do for over 7 years), I dyed my hair back to my natural color (light ash brown), spring finally is here (after months of pouring rain), and I moved out of Simpson University into a gorgeous apartment at River Knolls with Kathi.

There are only 9 weeks left of school. One of those weeks will be spent in Santa Barbara, where I’ll do my Missions Trip. I am truly excited to finish BSSM 1st Year with a bang and I can’t wait for my parents to come for my Graduation in May!
Till next time, when I write to you guys again. Thank you so much for contributing in your own ways! Be blessed!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

First Booking: 2017

I've received my first booking as guest speaker for this year: Sunwardpark Gemeenskapskerk's Ladies Retreat in Fochville (South Africa). It will take place on the 22nd of September 2017.
If you'd like to book me as a guest speaker for your function, church event, school, etc., send me an email:

Saturday, December 10, 2016

BSSM Monthly Newsletter: December 2016

I’ve got an amazing testimony and some personal prophecies to share with you.

I was terrified of doing the Ropes Course with my Revival Group. Prior to this I saw photos on Facebook of other Revival Groups doing the same Ropes Course. I actually had a knot in my stomach the day before we went out to Weaverville (this is also the same town where Bill Johnson & Kris Vallotton lived before moving to Redding).
Looking at the photos on Facebook brought back a negative memory of when I did my gap year with 13thFLOOR, a non-profit performing arts company based in Pretoria, SA. I was 19 years old, and we did an Adventure Camp for 4 days. It was a lot similar to the Ropes Course at BSSM. Amongst other things they did the blind-fold challenge.
This is a practical challenge where you have to guide someone who’s blindfolded through numerous obstacles and paths. Then you switch roles and your partner gets a chance to lead you. The whole point of this challenge is to learn how to lean upon other people, or in this case, learn to depend on the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your daily living.
With 13thFLOOR I had decided not to do this challenge, namely because I would be both deaf AND blind, and the person leading me wouldn't be able to talk to me and in that way guide me through my steps.
So there I was in Weaverville, with my fellow BSSM students. I told my intern beforehand that I was not going to do the blind-fold challenge, because it would put me at an even more disadvantage than all the others…
 Just before we were to start, the instructor gave us only one rule: No one was allowed to talk to their partner. To me that was an interesting turn of events because now everyone – including me – would be on the same level of disadvantage. Each one of us would be both blind and deaf at the same time…
I decided to go for it. My partner was Eunice, a Chinese girl from Canada. I first led her, and then it was my turn to be blindfolded. As Eunice led me, it felt completely naturally for me to relax and just let her lead me. I felt the Holy Spirit saying the following to me:

This is how your life has been. I have guided you through your life, even with the limited hearing that you have had. You have always heard My voice, and that is more important than hearing anything else. This is the most natural thing for you in the world, because You have been totally dependent on me. I am so proud of you, of how far you’ve come and how you’ve depended so much on Me to help you. I am your Helper, I always have been.

I also felt the Holy Spirit taking me back to a period in my life where I had not worn hearing aids for 4 years between the ages of 12 to 16. I was almost completely left in the dark and I was utterly dependent on the Holy Spirit. I was totally deaf, yet that was when I heard His voice the clearest. He was my guide and my helper.
After going through the obstacles with Eunice, she put me on a swing. I was still blindfolded. I felt so overjoyed and something in me just broke free. I have no idea what it was, but it was like I was truly happy and I could finally truly just let go and enjoy this precious moment with the Holy Spirit. I was swinging on the swing and I didn’t want it to stop!
Most of my life with the Holy Spirit has been very intense because there’s been so many circumstances where I didn’t know what was going on. Often He was the only one I could depend on to give me wisdom, knowledge and an understanding of what was happening around me.
This is what my relationship with the Holy Spirit has been like: Saying yes to Him in the dark with no clue or idea of what was happening around me or what was in front of me. Just being completely dependent on Him and hoping and believing that soon He would turn on the light. Then I would say, ‘Oh! So that’s what I said yes to!’

About one week after the Ropes Course, I decided to share this testimony with my Revival Group. Up until then I hadn’t shared any of my testimonies or breakthroughs with my group. As I stood up, everyone in my group started clapping for me. And they just kept on clapping and clapping. It continued like this for quite a while! It felt a little awkward for me to just stand there and receiving applause before I had even said a word!
As I started sharing my testimony, I became very emotional and I was actually overcome with the presence of the Holy Spirit. I had never before admitted to anybody how hard it really is for me with my hearing loss. I am always in sea full of hearing people, and sometimes I just have to ride the waves with everyone without even really knowing what’s going on. I do give the impression that I always have it all together. But I don’t.
After I shared my story, one of my interns asked me to pray for the whole group and to just release the same level of freedom I had experienced with the Holy Spirit while I was on the swing.
Afterwards, a couple of my Revival Group people came up to me and gave me the following prophetic words. To me it was just amazing how everyone was so spot on, considering that none of them knows that I did motivational talks back home or even that I wrote books or anything like that. My testimony that I gave was so emotional and vulnerable that it was definitely not my ‘best talk’ ever.

All these prophecies are confirmations that I am on the right path regarding my gifts and talents… They see the gold inside of me. What a blessing it is to receive confirmations through prophecies!

You have a powerful voice, and your voice is important.

Galo -
You’re like a queen, and you're holding out a decree. The scroll is rolled out, and you are speaking words into existence. While you are talking, it gets formed into words on paper. The things that you say out loud, happens. Your words are powerful. Your work is very important in the Kingdom. You are important in the Kingdom.

Isaac -
You're going to stand in front of crowds and you're going to preach. I can just see you doing that.

Rut -
When you spoke, the presence of God just immediately filled the atmosphere. It was so heavy! I felt so relaxed, especially when you prayed. I felt so happy!
Everybody loves you so so much, that is why we just kept on clapping for you!

Ruby -
You are a brilliant communicator. I feel like this is going to have something to do with your future, something to do with communications.

One of my interns – Keturah from Italy – reviews my homework assignments every week. There is a lot of writing involved. It is not my best writing because I don’t have the time to reflect and edit and think about what I’m writing… So I just write and give it in. In one of her comments on my assignments, she wrote me this:
Keturah –
Your writing is beautiful, you write from the heart and with so much honesty. I believe you will write to the believers, but also to the non-believers.

Thank you for everything! Next week the 2nd Semester is done and then it’s Christmas Break.
Till next year – 2017!

Monday, October 31, 2016

BSSM Monthly Newsletter: November 2016

Now it’s 2 months down, 7 months left to go!

My friends and I had this specific revelation this this week, and it was indeed a shock for all of us.

We thought the first month was hectic, but goodness! This month was even more intense!

 Here are just some of the stuff we tackled this month:

The 1st week of October we had a Prayer Walk, where we made small groups and walked through the streets of Redding and prayed for breakthroughs and revival to take place. My Revival Group also had their first City Service. Our task was to clean up Rivercrest Park (a children’s playground) by mowing the grass, picking up the leaves, cleaning out the trash, etc. It was an extremely hot day (over 30 degrees) but we got the job done!
The 2nd week our AMT/Track classes were launched. These are smaller classes that we attend on a Tuesday afternoon, and my class is called Cultivating the Presence (I’ll share more on that). Our Small Groups were also launched. These groups consists of a maximum of 5 people per group, and we meet together every week and share what’s going on in our spiritual lives. My group consists of Bethany (Canada), Doris & Carina (Germany), and Hannie (Netherlands).
The 3rd week was Evangelism Week. Chris Overstreet was our guest speaker for the week, and we did practical exercises on how to share the gospel. Evangelism is actually so easy, yet it’s the greatest miracle that can ever take place in every person’s lives.
The 4th week was the much anticipated School of the Prophets Week. Kris Vallotton was the speaker, and he shared powerful revelations on why we are the prophets of the future, and also why prophecy is so important to God. We as believers have been called to hear God’s voice and it’s our responsibility to call out the treasure in other people’s lives.
In-between all this I started with weekly Dance Classes. I also attended my first ever weekly Writer’s Group, and as always, I had to catch up on loads of homework (Kingdom Foundations, Evangelism Supernaturally, Experiencing Father’s Embrace, daily Bible Reading, Grasping God’s Word, etc).

When I look back on the past eight weeks, my highlights so far has definitely been the manifestations that I’ve experienced personally. It’s been so unexpected, yet it is just like God to surprise me with these little nuggets of gifts. It is proof that God is still alive and working powerfully around us, as well as in our lives. We tend to underestimate Him. We think that the God of the Bible is a different God, but it’s still the same God and He wants to reveal Himself to us in tangible ways, ways that we can’t explain, yet we know that it was not our imagination. I’m very excited to share these experiences with you:

The Fragrance: The first time our Revival Group came together (September 19th), we had a worship session. While 65 of us were worshipping, I smelled this fruity, candy-like scent filling the room.
I opened my eyes and looked around, trying to find the source. Turns out, that source was the Holy Spirit itself!!
It was truly an incredible blessing to have experienced something like that for the first time ever... It went on for about 15 minutes, just this soft overflowing, like a breeze of a citrusy scent. It was also my housemate Lisa's first experience.
This experience manifested itself again during the second night of our Revival Group Retreat (September 26th) at the JH Ranch. The exact same smell filled the room, and this time it lingered for much longer, about 45-60 minutes!

Holy Glitter: We had a Prophetic Morning at Bethel Church (September 28th), where prophecies and confirmations were spoken over us (I’ll share all my prophetic words that I’ve gotten so far in next month’s newsletter). During worship I felt compelled to look at my hands, and there it was: glitter ALL OVER BOTH MY HANDS. I double checked: It wasn’t make up, lotion, the lighting or even sweat. I couldn’t get it off – it was underneath my skin and it was all over my hands! I was so shocked. I had never seen or heard of anything like this before. After the service I went for dinner, and it was still on my hands!

This manifestation has occurred numerous times since then. It is almost after every time when I’ve finished worshipping God. I took a video and you can view it on Facebook:

Cultivating the Presence: This AMT Class that I have every Tuesday is hosted by Joaquin Evans and his team. Joaquin was the developer and director of Healing Rooms at Bethel Church for 6 years. This class focuses on ‘how to recognize and partner with the presence of God’. 

This class has been perfect for me because I have to admit that when I first came here, I was a bit wary of all the manifestations that were taking place around me: people laughing, people shaking, people walking around ‘drunk’, etc. It’s been all brand new to me, even though I grew up in the charismatic church…!

In this class I’m learning how to let go of my inhibitions and stepping into God’s presence with boldness. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, and I’m starting to experience freedom more and more.
Hand Injection: During one specific class (October 18th) one of the team members came to pray for me. My hands were laid out open, and she simply touched my left hand with two of her fingers. As soon as she did that, my hand went completely numb. I couldn’t move it at all! Soon the sensation spread from my hand to my arm, and it was completely dead for about 20 minutes. After about 20 minutes my hand and arm felt hot, like a fire was spreading across it. Then it went away.

The Wave: One week ago (October 23rd) I had the privilege of attending a Bethel service at Twin View. Abi Stumvoll was the guest speaker, and her topic was ‘How to Work Through Emotions.’ She said that our emotions are not meant to be shut down, nor is it meant to control us. She showed an example in Psalms where David was in torment with God, but still he would always end up praising God. She shared: ‘I used to be so tormented. I could not laugh. Then I started having emotional encounters with God. Now I laugh all the time.’ She also said: ‘Taking your heart to God is the safest place you can put it. That’s why David was so crazy about it! Sometimes we can’t feel God with our hearts because we’ve shut it off a long time ago.’
Abi did a couple of practical exercises with us to help us let our emotions come out, and then we had the ever famous ‘fire tunnel’. This is where I experienced a major breakthrough. A fire tunnel is where the leaders – in this case, the 2nd and 3rd year BSSM Students – all stand in lines and form a tunnel for you to walk through. As you go through, they lay hands on you and impart the Holy Spirit’s presence on you.

When I went through the tunnel, my body started shaking lightly and my stomach was making contractions. When I got to the end of the tunnel, I suddenly felt this powerful wave hit me from the side and it threw me completely off balance! I was down on my knees at once, crawling to the side of the room. I also felt this pain pierce through my heart. After about 10 minutes I managed to get on my feet again, but the pain and the contractions continued for 20 minutes after. Most of my housemates also experienced manifestations in the fire tunnel that night, and we all walked out of the building laughing and shaking and walking out of balance. It looked like we had come from a party where we became drunk – drunk with the Holy Spirit, that is!

I attended my first ever Canadian Thanksgiving on Sunday the 9th of October, and I had such fun! Of course, we had turkey for dinner! Fun fact: The Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving for 43 years before the Americans adopted it as their tradition as well.

I will also get to experience an American Thanksgiving on the 24th of November. A lovely couple and wonderful friends of mine, Gary & Louise, have invited me to go to Oregon and spend that weekend with their family. Looking forward to it!
I have to mention that here in the American culture, you have to do basically everything yourself: Fill up your car with petrol, wash the car windows, clean your house/room yourself, take off your shoes when you go into people’s houses (maids are super expensive here), as well as swipe in your groceries and put them in plastic bags at Walmart (this one is optional). Living here has made me realize how spoilt we are in South Africa…

Rest assured, I have not forgotten about my people, nor have I given up my own culture. The South African BSSM students had a real open air braai (barbeque) on Saturday evening (October 22nd). The food was divine. It felt like I was back home. I had lamb chops, salad and garlic bread. A true South African meal! After we finished eating, we prayed for our beloved country as well as did some prophetic exercises on each other. 

Does anyone agree with me that this postcard looks A LOT like Cape Town, South Africa...? This is not CT but Santa Barbara in Southern California. This is where I'm going in 2017 for my Missions Trip! This trip will take place from the 30th of March 2017 till the 3rd of April 2017. The total costs for this trip is $550, and I have to make my first payment in December 2016. If you would like to donate towards this trip, it would be so wonderful and I would truly appreciate the blessing!

Thank you to everyone who responded on my previous newsletter. I loved the feedback and I appreciate the words of encouragements and prophecies.
A special thank you once again to those that are sponsoring me financially. I know that it is sacrifice on your side, especially now that the Rand/Dollar exchange has gone up even higher. I trully appreciate the blessing. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

Till next month,
Vicki Fourie



Sunday, October 2, 2016

BSSM Monthly Newsletter: October 2016

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a little over 3 weeks since I arrived in the USA. Time really does fly by when you’re busy! So much has happened already, and I am so grateful that I get to be in this new season where I can just breathe in God’s presence and let Him overwhelm me with His goodness and love.

As promised, here is the first monthly update on what’s been happening in my life ever since I left South Africa:


Saying goodbye to my parents was the hardest thing I ever had to do. They are truly the most wonderful parents and I’m so grateful that I get to call them my friends. At the airport my dad gave me a fantastic prophetic word of release: ‘You’ve often gone out of the harbour to do your thing. But you would always return to land, where it is safe and familiar. Now you are being released to go into the deep waters, where the ocean is wide and vast and the waves gigantic. I see you in this little boat, but for some reason the waves will not overwhelm you, nor will you be sunken. You’ve got this.’

I had a SOZO session with the lovely Bev just before I left, and I saw this picture in my head of God waiting for me at the departure gate. I knew that this was confirmation that I would not be alone at all; He would always be with me. After I went through customs, I felt this wave of peace hit me. I felt confident that I could take on this mission in an unfamiliar land with God right there by my side.
24 hours later, I finally arrived in Redding, California. Instead of sharing a room with someone, I get to have my own room. That is a double blessing (and double the closet space) indeed! Since I’m staying at the Simpson University, I also get 3 meals per day. It is a relief not to have to buy food and cook for myself every day….!  

There are 23 other BSSM Students living with me at Simpson University, and we have quickly become a close family. Some are from Australia, others from New Zealand, some even from Guatemala and Puerto Rico. And of course, there are also a couple of Americans WITH CARS which makes it so convenient for us foreigners! I haven’t had a problem with transportation so far. That is a huge relief.


The first day of class was extremely overwhelming, and I’m not exaggerating. Out of 10,000 applications, only 1,400 got accepted for the First Year. And yet this sum of people also felt like too much; there were literally people EVERYWHERE; strange faces from over 60 nations swarming the Civic Centre (where the 1st Years take their classes). Everything was new, unfamiliar and overwhelming. This prayer was prayed over us, and this is also my prayer for this year:
'This year is going to be a great year, no doubt about it. But that is not my prayer for you. My prayer for you is that this year will prepare you for the next 20-40 years of the greatest years of your life.'
BSSM Leader's Prayer / Tuesday 13 September 2016
After surviving the first day, we already had to jump into doing homework: daily Bible reading, required book readings (When Heaven Invades Earth, Defining Moments & 30 Days To Understanding Your Bible), and we will also have required City Service projects that will be launched this month. 
We’ve already had the honour of listening to Bill Johnson (senior pastor of Bethel Church), Kris Vallotton (senior associate leader of Bethel Church & co-founder of BSSM), and Leslie Crandall (associate overseer of BSSM). Their words are powerful, revealing and life-changing. Their hearts are all about accepting God’s love for us, bringing the kingdom to earth, encounters with God and just constantly being aware of the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives and around us. These are all crucial things every believer needs in their lives!
The first Friday after I arrived in Redding, I took the opportunity to go to Bethel Church. It is situated on a hill, just a stone’s throw away from Simpson University. It is surprisingly not as big as I thought it would be. It is very intimate, warm and so much like Harvest Christian Fellowship! I was really surprised. It felt like I was right back at home. They have a coffee shop in the foyer with a bookshop just around the corner. When they did the tithes and offerings they did the Declarations, exactly the same words that my mom always uses… Even the people in the front rows were interacting with the speaker while he was speaking, making jokes and ‘talking back’, like my dad would say!
The most surprising thing of all? Some of their core values are the same as Harvest’s: Love, Honour, Family & Real... It just goes to show that God is truly alive and working in the churches. There is obviously something in these core values that is important to God at this time and moment that we are living in.
Because we are such a large group of 1st Years, we’ve been divided into groups of 65 per team. We call it Revival Groups and each group have a Revival Group Pastor. Mine is Matt King from Australia. He’s got a real heart for people and this is his vision for us:
‘Our supreme desire and pursuit is Jesus Christ. He is the One we are fascinated with. We will relentlessly look to His presence…’
We also had our Revival Group Retreat at the majestic JH Ranch this past weekend, and he gave such an amazing word of encouragement to us:
‘You are all Abrahams in a strange land. You’ve had to leave everything behind: your family, your friends, and your home. Everything that’s familiar and comfortable to you, you left it all behind. All of you are out of your comfort zones. Abraham had no compass, no GPS, no But he knew he had to go because God wanted him to go. Sometimes you don’t know where you’re going but you knew you couldn’t stay where you were. There is an inheritance waiting for you, just like there was for Abraham. God is so proud of you for sacrificing the familiar things to go into the great unknown. Your inheritance is waiting for you and you are going to get it.’
I would just like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continuous words of encouragement, prayers and support. I have already been so blessed during this short time that I’ve been at BSSM, and I am expectant and excited for what God is going to do in me (and through me) this year. 
I would also like to especially give my sincere thank you to those who are supporting me financially. This would not have been possible at all without your contributions and sacrifices.
Till next month, when I send out the November 2017 newsletter.
Vicki Fourie


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vuil Wasgoed: SA Film Audition

Just thought I'd let you guys know:
Vuil Wasgoed - a comedic Afrikaans short film starring Bouwer Bosch and Bennie Fourie - received the Silverskermfees Best Short Film Award in 2014.
It will be made into a full length feature film in 2017.
They asked me to audition for the small roll of Lisa, a deaf girl that wants to receive cochlear implants.
Unfortunately, I won't be available for shooting dates as I am in the USA until May 2017.
Here's the promo for the short film:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Motivational Talks: A Video!

Finally a video that I can show you guys! This is what I talked about when I did my motivational talks....
This is also the very last talk I did in SA before I left for the USA.
My topic usually was 'Courage Isn't A Gift, It's A Decision'.
It's in Afrikaans and 45 minutes long. Anyone interested in putting on English subtitles? Would really love that! :-) Then our English friends can also understand it.
PS: A HUGE THANKS to Laeveld Agrochem for recording this talk and sending me this video. I truly appreciate it!

Monday, September 12, 2016

5 Minute Met Jesus: Afrikaans Devotional

A couple of months ago I contributed 12 of my devotionals to this Afrikaans daily devotional book, titled '5 Minute Met Jesus' (5 Minutes With Jesus). It will be published by Carpe Diem Media and various well known Afrikaans writers have also contributed to this book.
This book will be available online and in stores in October 2016.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry: 1st Year 2016-2017

It's official! I've been accepted into the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM)! This Bible School is based in Redding, California, USA.

It’s always been a dream of mine to go to a full-time Bible School where I can sit face-to-face with the lecturers while at the same time engaging with fellow students. I believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to go and do just that. I trust that this will propel me into my destiny, and stir the gifts within me that God has planted (writing, motivational talks, creative arts, etc).

Classes starts in September 2016 and graduation will take place in May 2017.
Very excited!!