Friday, April 4, 2008

Vision Magazine Accepts Article

Hey guys...

I'm finally back from my 5-day boat cruise (MELODY ship; the one that went from Durban to Mosambique's island, Baseru), for those who missed me.

Just wanted to say that one of my articles has just been accepted by VISION magazine, South Africa's newest Christian magazine to come on the scene. So excited and honored!

It will appear in the MAY issue 2008. Look out for it if you live in South Africa!

Otherwise, you can always go to their website: and read the article there.

Just a thought: This is the 12th time that a magazine is accepting/publishing an article of mine! Goodness, it feels just like yesterday when I sent my first story to a magazine (TRUTH; 'Live Today As If It Were Your Last'). Time certainly flies. Thank you Lord, for your goodness and grace.


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