Monday, May 19, 2008

Vision Magazine To Publish 2nd Article

Hey guys,

Vision magazine has added me to their list of writers (so honoured!). They had asked me to write a topic about "I am happy!" within 700 words. I started writing it at 11 a.m. this morning, with the deadline being tomorrow (20 May 2008). I finished it this afternoon before 2 o'clock, which is a miracle because I usually take all day to write on a deadline!!! Thank goodness. Hopefully my photo that I took of my little cousin last Sunday during our usual family lunch gathering, will also be published with it...I'm holding thumbs. Could this be a new career in photography for Vicki???

My article is titled "Living Life, Loving Life!" and will appear in the July 2008 issue with Celine Dion on the cover. Look out for it if you live in South Africa. It is available at most leading stores, such as CNA, Pick 'n Pay, and Exclusive Books. Do let me know what you think, OK?



author 101 said...

Wow Vicki, I'm so impressed with you I can't even express it! I have the writing blog you once visited at and I was just looking at some comments left there, and there you were. You are a facinating and talented young lady. Have you ever put a book together???
Keep me up on your work and progress. My e-mail is
God bless!
Carol Denbow

Vicki Fourie said...

Thank you, Carol, for your kind words!

To answer your question: I tried putting a book together at 15. 18, 547 words later, I stopped. Then came the writer's block - no wait, I'm lying - I lost the focus and desire to finish it. It's also maybe because we moved to another town at that time.

I decided to give it another try this year (I'm 18 now; turning 19 on Thursday!). I started writing it the beginning of March, had already written 7,591 words, but I stopped once again. Guess I'm too busy now. The articles I'm writing for certain magazines really keeps me busy. The editors keep coming back to me, asking me to write stuff for their magazines.

But I really want to write a book real soon and FINISH it. I think I'd like to read one of your books on how to write one.