Friday, June 13, 2008

Maybelline Cover Look Entry

I entered the SEVENTEEN MAYBELLINE COVER LOOK COMPETITION today. The winner gets to spend the day in Cape Town with MAYBELLINE NEW YORK for an exclusive shoot.
All I had to do was send a picture of myself plus a beauty tip of how I would create my cover look. The tip:

"Always smile honestly. Sounds corny, but it works! You never know who's day you might be brightening up..."

OK, OK, it's not exactly a cosmetic tip, I just had no idea what to write! Hope they like it...

If you want to enter as well, go to Under the BONUS section is the GET THE COVER LOOK.

Will let you know if anything springs from this...One can always dream and believe!



artbymj said...

Beautiful picture and I think your tip is PERFECT! This is a tip we should practice every day :0) Good luck!

Vicki Fourie said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for visiting my blog again. I still visit your blog often. Inspiring and thought-provoking artistic works!