Friday, May 21, 2010

DEAFinte MODELS: DEAFestival L.A. Invitation

DEAFinite MODELS contacted me:

After the MDI pageant, will you be staying around in the US? Im not sure where you presently live.

I would like to extend an invitation for you to participate in the
DEAFINIT MODELS annual Fashion Show for the City of Los Angeles "Deaf Festival" held annually in California.

Please let me know if you are interested and your schedule in the months of August/September?

It's going to be a bit tricky... It all depends on whether I will win the Miss Deaf International 2010 crown. Also, I need to be back in South Africa in September to participate in the DANCING FOR DREAMS project (Reach For A Dream). Will let you know what I decide.

Here's more info on DEAFinite MODELS' DEAFestival L.A. Fashion Show:

Deafestival LA is excited to present it’s first ever Deaf Fashion Show!

DEAFinit MODELS will rock the runway this year in a Fashion Show entitled “Silent Beauty” 20 deaf men & women will compete for cash prizes, photoshoots and a magazine cover and layout. Models will showcase designs by new and upcoming designers and major labels. Hair & makeup will be provided by top makeup artists in the profession. “DEAFinit MODELS” created by manager/producer Sheree Devereaux, to help broaden and challenge mainstream ideas about using Deaf or even differently-abled models within the Fashion Industry. These capable young men and women shouldn’t be invisible because of preconceptions or notions. “Silent Beauty” pushes the boundaries of contemporary modeling and the images of apparent perfection.

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