Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup Soccer - Grassrootz Soccer Involvement: Japan vs Cameroon

I met the Bloemfontein World Cup Soccer 2010 organizers @ Windmill Casino in February 2010. As part of their program in receiving international guests, I was invited to speak about abstinence as the solution to AIDS South Africa. It was a huge success amongst the children. As part of their way to show their grattitude, they gave me 3 free tickets to Monday's World Cup Soccer (Group E) First Round between Japan & Cameroon. It will be a wonderful experience! I cannot wait to be part of this exciting event in Bloemfontein.

Here's more info on Grassrootz Soccer:

Grassroot Soccer is non profit organization that works within schools and local SAFA clubs in Mangaung to deliver HIV and AIDS prevention and life skills programmes. The Skillz Street League for girls is a programme that combines playing soccer and HIV education. All children are playing soccer matches that focus on fair play and having fun. In addition, children are improving communication skills, and knowledge of HIV and AIDS.

Two schools in Bloemfontein namely Rutang Primary and Tsholetsang Primary have been invited to take part in our Grassroot Soccer “Skillz” Street Soccer League for girls between the age of 12 and 18 years, started on the 26 January 2010 at Mangaung Outdoor Centre with 50 young ladies.

The league consist of 8 small-sided teams, and each team is supported by a Grassroot Soccer trained coach. Games are held once a week, after school hours, for a total of 8 weeks, with a League Championship tournament at the end of the 8 weeks.

Here's the official World Cup Soccer 2010 website:


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