Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gosh4Cancer: Ambassador

I received the following info from Adre Swart, a very inspirational girl. She recently held an event where she launched her first calendar for kids with cancer (I was invited, but couldn't go):

I would like to receive your permission stating that you would like to become an ambassador for GOSH 4 CANCER, this means that you will be informed of all events etc and have the free will to decide if you would like to attend or not, also your name will feature on the website as an ambassador of the GOSH 4 CANCER organization, this isn’t only for the celebrities involved in the calendar but also new celebrities that would like to be involved with our fundraising projects etc. What I need from you is a simple reply on this email stating that you are giving GOSH 4 CANCE R permission that you are willing to be an ambassador for the GOSH 4 CANCER organization and the correct spelling of your name as well as your profession as you would like it to be on the website (website is still under construction but have a look if you want at

I agreed to be an ambassador. Gosh4Cancer is changing lives, and who wouldn't want to be part of that?

Be sure to check out the website:

The latest on Gosh4Cancer:

A Golf day for one of my boys Reef Carneson. GOSH is only involved by making this day an even bigger success by getting our GOSH ambassador's involved with the golfday.

The 23rd of July 2010 we will be hosting a Golf day for little Reef to help relief the financial burden this family has to go through while they are also fighting for their baby’s life!!! The Golf day details are attached in the email as well.
I want to know whom of you are available for the day and would like to help out with the Golf day, there are two options you can either play golf the day as a team will be paying for you to be part of their 4-ball or you can just show your face for an hour or so or pitch-up for the dinner all paid for? The calendars will also be available for purchase the day. So please if you are willing to help the day please state whether you would be playing in a team that pays for a celeb or if you will only be around for an hour or so to mingle and join for the dinner the evening?

If you are interested in supporting this organization, be sure to contact Adre:


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