Friday, July 2, 2010

Top Women Awards: VIP Invitation

I received the following information from Ralf Fletcher - the CEO of Topco Media:

Dear Vicki Fourie,

On the evening of the 9th September 2010 Topco Media is hosting the 7th Top
Women Awards, and as CEO, I would personally feel very honoured if you would
accept my invitation to a VIP for this high level business event.

The Top Women Awards has been active in gender empowerment on a continuous
basis. More than just an awards ceremony, the event is the culmination of continuous
networking, profiling, research and promotion into the business of gender

The Top Women Awards team has created and maintained an active network, in both
the public and the private sectors, which includes women and men who are actively
promoting professional women. This is no longer a soft mandate; gender
empowerment is recognised as a key driver to the economic recovery, not only in
South Africa, but globally.

The Top Women Awards reflect these developments, and are the culmination of the
pursuit of excellence by women, for women and for the country.
With your incredible achievements, your contribute towards South African deaf society, and the incredible encouragement that you give to women, not only by your words, but by your actions, it would be of great significance to us, and to the women in attendance, to have you there, both as an honoured guest, and as an inspiration.

I will let you know as soon as I receive more information. I would love to attend this evening - it all depends on where it will be held.


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