Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twitter Photos: Alicia Jacobs' & Marlee Matlin's Twitter

I'm still waiting for the official photos of the Miss Deaf International 2010 pageant, but meanwhile, feel free to take a look at Alicia Jacobs' & Marlee Matlin's photos. They took great pics - a special thanks to both of them for making the effort to post it online.

Marlee Matlin's photo:
Me and the 30 Deaf women from around the world here in Vegas for Miss Deaf Intl!

Alicia Jacobs' photos:
My interview w/ @MarleeMatlin today...
Miss Deaf Int'l pageant MC's addressing the very large & excited audience at the Rio..
The top 10 semi finalists in the Miss Deaf Int'l pageant! Really strong Top 10! Guaranteed great winner!!
Wow! Miss France doing an amazing live hand/ finger painting!! Painted canvas as well as her body! Cool!
Miss Deaf Int'l top 5...beautiful !!!


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