Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation: Invitation Declined

I received the following message from Nicolene van den Heever, the Divisional Manager of the Free State for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation S.A:

I heard your radio interview a while back on OFM with Eloise and felt obligated to tell you about CHOC.

I attached the poster of our present fundraiser happening on Saturday, 4 September 2010. We would appreciate your attendance immensely.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend - I will be in Randfontein that weekend as a guest speaker at a function.

Please support CHOC. Here's more info/background:

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation is a voluntary international organisation aimed at assisting children with cancer and their parents. CHOC Free State is a division of the South African branch and the committee consists of parents who` s children had cancer or are still receiving treatment.

When properly treated, approx 70% of childhood cancers are curable. However today only 60% of children benefit from advanced medical care, all though access is available for all. At present100 kids are on cancer treatment at Universitas hospital and 75 kids are seen at the Oncology clinic in a month. Follow ups are done regularly on kids that have finished treatment. At the Paediatric Oncology wards 700 admissions are done a year and 900 kids per year are seen at the Paediatric Oncology clinic Regions that Universitas hospital Paediatric Oncology with the help of CHOC supports are the Central South African regions that include

 The Free State
 Northern Cape
 Half of the North West province
 Parts of the Eastern Cape
 The whole of Lesotho

One of the major objectives of CHOC is to provide practical support to the families of children suffering from cancer. As treatment must happen in specialized medical centers, and can last a long time, families who live considerable distances from these facilities face the problem of finding a place to stay while their children are undergoing treatment.

The CHOC HOUSE aims to provide accommodation for children who may otherwise be hospitalized for several months. As some of these therapies weaken immune systems, these children require an environment which minimizes the risk of infections. An increasing number of child cancer sufferers in South Africa live in adverse environments and it is important to house them in a facility during periods where their immune systems are most vulnerable.

With the help of a corporate sponsor, CHOC Free State was privileged enough to have been able to purchase a fully furnished, five bedroom, house in 19 Stegman Street, Universitas, Bloemfontein. The CHOC House was opened in August 2004. This home serves as a halfway house and is indeed a “home-away -from-home”. The children and parents are accommodated at no cost and CHOC Free State subsequently carries all
the running costs of the house. Enough transport money to take them home and enough to bring them back for follow up treatment is provided to all patients discharged by CHOC Free State.

All the children on cancer treatment get a present from CHOC every year for Christmas and birthday parties with presents are held for hospitalized patients
CHOC is not a government–funded organisation. CHOC is a non-profit organization, reliant on donations and sponsorships from the public and the private sector to cover all the operational costs of this organisation.

Their motto is: "Keeping more than hope alive"

Visit CHOC's website:


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