Saturday, August 28, 2010

iFlair Model Listings: Got the Card!

I have received an iFlair Card from Jeanne Flynn. Here's all the info from the official website:

How many chances you get to be scouted to be a possible next top model. If you got “THE CARD” someone thought that you may have something that could make it as a model. The next question is always how much it will cost, is it a scam? Well this will cost you nothing and if you are chosen at the end of the casting shoots you can choose if you would like to follow our advise to become a model.

Basically you look at the casting shoot days see what day will shoot you. Phone and let us know we yo will be joining us ( Remember to bring your “card”). It will cost you nothing. after the shoot we will have a meeting and let you know if you have what it takes!

Will let you know if anything happens! For more info on this, visit:


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