Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Matric etc. 2010: 'Never Neglect Small Beginnings'

In the Matric etc. issue of 2010, my article 'Never Neglect Small Beginnings' was published on page 3. The magazine has been distributed everywhere in Bloemfontein.

Also, on page 22 there's an advertisement of Angels - I'm the model.

Here's the article that was published on page 3:


“Do you live in a huge castle?” the little girl asked me. “Is it pink – like your dress?”
Her 8-year-old friend stood next to her, wide-eyed. “You look just like Barbie!”

All I could do was smile.

I wasn’t always the Miss Deaf South Africa that you know right now. The Miss Deaf South Africa that you see is one who appears regularly in the media. The Miss Deaf South Africa that you see always looks at her best. The Miss Deaf South Africa that you see isn’t afraid to speak in front of thousands of people...

It wasn’t always this way. While in high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I also had this huge fear of speaking in front of my class – I would choke back on my words. I felt painfully aware of my own insignificance. I loved reading books, though – so much that I decided my profession in life would be to become a librarian. My first job was when I was 11 years old. I started off by working in the local library for 4 hours every Saturday morning, and I loved it. But soon I got bored, thinking there’s gotta be something more to my life than just rearranging books on a shelf... I needed a new challenge.

My next job was while I was in matric. I waitressed at Emoja Estate’s Spookhuis. It was a hard job full of long hours, aching feet and unfair tips. But I developed my people skills tremendously. I learnt how to respond when the customers are rude, and I also learnt about self-control: your work won’t always be fun, but what matters is that you should just keep on going. I started with a 2-years-writer’s course over the internet – during that time I managed to publish 70 of my articles in magazines and on websites – nationally & internationally. After that, I entered for the Miss Deaf South Africa 2008. I didn’t win, but I was crowned 1st Princess and Miss Personality. The year after that, in 2009, I entered again. This time around, I brought the crown back home.

Doors and windows started to open after I won the title. Opportunities came, and I was surprised by the turn my life took...

I realized that everybody needs to start somewhere, be it amongst the shelves of the quiet library or the bustling activity amongst chefs, managers and customers. That’s where I started, and I still ended up in a completely different place. Currently I am a motivational speaker at schools and functions, and if you had told me a few years back that this is what I’d be doing, I would’ve laughed in your face and said, “There’s no way I can do that.”

Even though I don’t live in a pink castle and even though I don’t always wake up looking like Barbie, I know that my life is in the Lord’s hands. It’s not in my hands or the future boss’s hand. I can be content in where I am today, for I know God was there with me in the past, and He’s already in the future. All I need to do is make sure that I have a living relationship with Him right now – in this present.

You, the class of 2010, are finishing an important phase in your life – high school with all its dramas and traumas. When you enter the grown-up world, you will undoubtedly start at the bottom. Eventually you will work your way up. It might look grey and unwelcoming at first, and it might discourage you. Maybe you know where you want to end up – don’t get impatient. The key is to get a picture of where you would like to be, and then make choices that compliments that picture. Enjoy the ride – life is full of surprises and it might take you where you never intended to be...

My question to you – young man and young woman – is where will you end up...?

Go grab the nearest copy of Matric etc. 2010 if you live in Bloemfontein (it's for free)!


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