Friday, November 26, 2010

LifeSound via Facebook: 'Former Miss Deaf SA Becomes LifeSound Ambassador'

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Vicki Fourie, Miss Deaf SA 2009/2010, has become LifeSound’s latest Ambassador and champion for hearing awareness. Vicki is not only a beautiful young lady, but also has an inspirational story to tell and is pouring her energy into spreading a message of hope and tolerance. Brendan McGuirk, Director of LifeSound, says” We are delighted that Miss Deaf SA, Vicki Fourie, has joined LifeSound in our campaign to educate people on the importance of hearing care and importantly to spread this message to the youth”. Vicki‘s tale is not only of beauty and brains, but also of bravery.

By the age of 2 years old she was diagnosed as 97% percent deaf, but her parents were determined to raise her in a way to allow her a normal life, not hindered by her disability. She attended a regular English hearing school – resulting in her unique ability to speak and understand English and Afrikaans, by lip reading, despite being deaf. She firmly believes that courage is not a gift, but rather a decision and she lives her life by that mantra. She is now an in-demand motivational speaker, writer and model. She is in the process of writing an autobiography, having published over 70 articles nationally and internationally, this is the next step in her achieving one of her many dreams of being a writer.

Among some of Vicki’s numerous accomplishments and highlights was taking part in Miss Deaf International in July 2010, which took place in Las Vegas in the United States. She was placed as the 2nd Princess, a remarkable achievement. In 2011 she is going to take part in Miss Deaf World, something she is very much looking forward to. Another interesting fact about Vicki is that last year she was part of a performing arts non-profit organisation called 13th Floor. This group use dance to inspire and educate the youth, a testimony to Vicki’s zest for life and determination.

LifeSound is grateful and excited that Vicki has joined their educational campaign, as she is influential to those who meet her and knowledgeable about the hearing healthcare industry. McGuirk explains, “We are trying to reach as many people as possible with the message of hearing care, and work successfully to remove the stigma that hearing loss used to carry by making it both accessible and teaching people that hearing care is relevant to everybody”. LifeSound is a holistic hearing retail concept that offers professional hearing tests by their resident audiologist, as well as a range of hearing care, enhancement and enjoyment products and equipment on the cutting edge of technology.

Vicki comments on her new role as a LifeSound Ambassador, “It is very important that people become aware of how precious sound is and how to take care of or improve this sense. I look forward to help spread this important issue with LifeSound.” We look forward to watching her bright future unfold. For more information go to


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