Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bloemfontein's Model of the Year 2011: Details

Nella van Heerden, an esteemed organizers of pageants such as the Mrs. Bloemfontein (this year she will also be organizing the first ever Miss Bloemfontein 2011), is now running a competition, Model of the Year, which I entered for. Here's more info:

Bloemfontein Model of the Year
*Pre-Judging: The Best of the Best for 2011
Venue: Bloem Spa 28th January 2011
Time: 18h00 till 20h00
Dress Code:
*Girls: Black Mini/White T-Shirt/High Heels
*Guys: Denim/White T-Shirt
Great Prizes to Win!!
Contact Nella for more info: nellavh@mweb.co.za

Please pray for me for favour :-)


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