Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss Free State 2011: TOP 17

The Miss Free State 2011 1st Round took place this past Saturday @ Bloem Spa (22 Jan. 2011). The interviews took place and the TOP 17 Finalists were chosen. I'm also in the TOP 17.

The next round will take place the 5th of February, 2011, again at Bloem Spa. The TOP 12 will then be chosen.

All the girls who went through to the TOP 17 has numerous different tasks they have to do:

•Each semi-finalist gets 10 x Wings of Dreams Club forms to get members to join the club.
1.The costs is R50 p.m., and will be deducted by debit order each month.
2.Money raised for four months running will be donated to various charities.
3.Big prizes to be won by all members.
•Choose one of these two options:
1.Semi-Finalists must use their own initiative and create a way to raise money for the Miss FS Organization. Raise R1 000 for any charity organization that you choose.
2.Sell a ¼ page advert for the Miss Free State magazine that will be handed out at the gala event.

Anyone who is interested in supporting me with the abovementioned options, please contact me. I have to finish the tasks by the 5th of February 2011.


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