Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.): Accelerator Magazine

I received a lovely letter from Pam Yoko, the Customer Relations Manager to A.C.E.:

Dear Vicki

We have heard such lovely stories about how God has used you in your life and how He is blessing you in all you do and I would love it is you would write an article for our Accelerator magazine - just sharing your testimony.
You could mention the fact that you grew up in an Afrikaans home but went through the ACE schooling programme in English and also about your Miss SA Deaf achievements etc. Let the Lord lead you.

If you agree to do this, your article should be around 550 words and it would be lovely to have a high resolution photo of yourself. Everyone likes to see who is “speaking” or writing.

We now send 8500 copies of this magazine out 4 times a year and so this next one will go out in the middle of May.
I would appreciate it if you could get it to me by 15 March.

Thanks so much Vicki – we are so excited to see how the Lord is using your life to bless others.

This is an incredible honour to me, since I am an A.C.E. Graduate (Class of 2007).

I would love to do this!


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