Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A.C.E.'s Accelerator Magazine: 'I Live My Dream'

My testimony for A.C.E.'s Accelerator magazine is done and sent!

The title is 'I Live My Dream' and here's a sneak peak - the article will be available online in May 2011:

When I was 2 years old, my parents found out that I have 97% profound hearing loss. Even though they were extremely shocked and disappointed, they decided not to give up on me. Instead of looking at how big the problem was, they said, “How big is our Lord...?”

Every day turned out to be a challenge for me; I would throw constant tantrums. I was just like any other little girl - I didn’t understand why I had to make the extra effort to learn how to speak with my voice and read lips. One day I sat on the couch in the living room. “I don’t want to!” I shouted. My mom, always the patient teacher, said, “I know you can...”

Finally I was able to speak fluently in my home language, Afrikaans. At the age of 6, the next big step in my life was going to school. I entering the hearing world. My father attended a A.C.E. Conference in Durban, and Pastor Trevor Yoko challenged him, “Boetie, how big is your God?” One problem: there was no such school in the area where we lived. My parents, always the pioneers and apostles (my father is also a pastor), decided to start an A.C.E. school especially for me.

However, there posed to be certain obstacles along the way at Lifestyle Christian Academy. But it didn’t hold me back. In fact, we later found out that languages are one of my strongest points. Within 6 months after I enrolled, I spoke and read fluently in English and Afrikaans...! The teachers were amazed at this feat, and by how easily I had adapted into the A.C.E. system...


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