Friday, March 4, 2011

Fur Free South Africa: Invitation Declined

I received the following invitation plus information from Fur Free South Africa. I support this cause with all my heart, but will not be able to attend:

On Tuesday the 15th of March 2011, as part of a worldwide event, Fur Free South Africa will hold a press conference in Johannesburg to create awareness of the annual massacre of around 85 000 nursing Namibian seal cubs.

Since you are a South African celebrity who we believe will be prepared to speak out for animals, we would like to invite you to attend the press conference and make yourself available for interviews. Your presence would be an enormous media draw-card, and it is only by means of the media that we will be able to get our message out about the atrocities happening annually just beyond our borders. This is the largest slaughter of wildlife in Africa and in fact in the world, and it has been receiving little or no media attention. (See the attached flier, which contains all the information.)

The Namibian Government has been resorting to non-existent laws to arrest and detain journalists who attempt to film the cull. See The government also inflates the figures of the actual seal population to justify a higher cull quota – see

Seal clubbers have been known to attack and beat journalists – see

The following footage shows how savage this "cull" is (warning - graphic content):

The conference will take place 12:00–13:00 at a venue still to be finalised. Note that the subject of the press conference is to be kept confidential until the starting time.

We will be speaking loudly for these voiceless non-humans – we hope you will add your voice to ours!

Time: Tuesday 15 March, 13:30–15:00,
Venue: Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), 26 Melville Rd, Illovo (see attached map)

The following personalities have already confirmed their attendance:
•Louise Carver (Singer)
•Catherine Constantinides (Director, Miss Earth SA)
•Christina Storm (Model)
•Danny K (represented by his manager)
•Catherine Grenfell (5fm)
•Candice Brink (Model)

Please support them!


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