Friday, April 8, 2011 'A Life Of Victory'

My interview with is now online! To read it, copy and paste the following link in your search bar:,62247.asp

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Vicki Fourie has overcome many obstacles in her short life, living with 97% hearing loss has not stopped her from pursuing and achieving her dreams.
At the age of two her hearing loss was discovered, "I didn't respond when my family called my name, and after extensive tests it was confirmed that I have 97% hearing loss. We don't know exactly what caused my hearing damage. When I was a baby, I had a high fever (just like Helen Keller) and we think that's what caused my hearing loss," says Vicki.

The news came as a big shock to her parents, but despite the news her parents didn't give up on her. She is very grateful that they reacted this way because it enabled her to learn to speak like a hearing person and to read lips...

Special thanks to Leandra Engelbrecht for the beautiful article.


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