Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lily Girls: 'Rocking The Boat'

My first Lily Girl's Online Magazine article is now online! To read 'Rocking The Boat', copy and paste the following link in your search bar:


Here's an excerpt on the article:

Picture this: You’re Peter, sleeping on a fishing boat in the middle of the night. You’re aware that the Sea of Galilee is prone to sudden storms that whip into a mad fury. Right now the sea has begun to break into high waves and within seconds the boat is filled up with water.

You’re gonna drown.

Gulp. Help!

Then you see a ghostlike figure shaped exactly like Jesus, walking on the sea. “It’s all right,” He says. “I am here! Do not be afraid.”

You want to believe Him. You want to go out there… and walk on the water.

Your faith is small, but it’s great. It’s something. Before you know it, you’re walking on the water! But then you look around you again. You start choking on your fear, “Are you kidding me?! I can’t walk on water! I’m only a fisherman!”

You begin to drown.

“Save me, Lord!” you barely whisper...


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