Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SA Horseman: 'Three Little Golden Horses'

My first column for SA Horseman is finished, polished and sent to SA Horseman!

It will be published in the June 2011 issue.

Visit the website:

Here's an excerpt on my brand-new article, 'Three Little Golden Horses':

The first horse I ever met wasn’t an Appaloosa, Arabian, or a Friesian. It wasn’t even a real horse, for that matter. The first horse I ever touched was a golden one made out of hard copper. The statue was carefully arranged on my mother’s shelf in the living room, and the heavy horse stood proud, standing on all four feet. The other two smaller horses – which I presumed to be the foals – stood next to their mother, following her lead…

I was only a child at the time, but by then I already knew the importance of those horses. It was as if they were beckoning me, calling out to me. When I look back now, I do wish I had started with horse riding lessons earlier. But I was too immersed in my love for books, creating my own fantasy world as a pastor’s kid.

For most lifelong horse riders, they are already familiar with horses by the tender age of three. Whereas I didn’t grow up on a farm, nor had I saw a real horse before. When I turned 9, I visited my uncle during the December holiday, and my uncle arranged horse riding lessons for me.

“It will change your life,” he said...


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