Friday, April 22, 2011

Shelley Buckle: Future Miss Deaf South Africa...?

I don't normally do this - my blog has only been for work purposes ever since I started writing back in 2005 - but this girl has really touched and inspired me. Her name is Shelley Buckle and she also has that star quality. I came into contact with her after she visited my Miss Zag 2011 profile. She commented on my page:

You are beautiful! Such an inspiration to the deaf community! I'm also deaf and I would like to make it to the top one day! :)

Curious, I decided to visit her page. She had blogged about her hearing impairement in finer details & she also mentioned me:

Okay so I just read about another model on this site about how she is hearing impaired and is not letting anything stand in her way. I found this highly inspirational and from this I thought I would share about my deafness.

I was born deaf owing to the Cytomegalo virus that my mother contracted when she was pregnant with me. I have no hearing in my left ear and only about 40% in my right. So beacause of this, I wear a hearing aid in my right ear and attended a normal hearing school in KZN, which was probably the best decision my parents made for me. Going to a normal hearing school made me interact with other hearing students and my hearing improved gradually. To this day I go about life with others not even knowing I have a hearing problem!

I am considering entering the Miss Deaf SA this year, and hoping to get far in the contest in order to inspire others and to get the message out there that anyone can live their dream. :)

I want to be a great inspiration and role model to others like me.

It's very rare that I get to see a girl who is also an inspiration to me. She should definitely enter for the Miss Deaf South Africa this year... She really has potential!

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Shelley is also competing in the Miss Zag 2011 competition. To vote for Shelley:


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