Friday, April 15, 2011

Women of the Year 2011 Info

Last year, Bloemfontein's own Shoprite/Checkers nominated me for Woman of the Year in the Youth category. I didn't make it to the final.

The Women of the Year Award Office contacted me today, asking that I enter again. Here's the request:

We would like you to be part of Women of the Year 2011. I have attached a nomination form and we need additional info, CV and Photos. Hope I hear back from you.

The Criteria for the Awards:

The criteria for the Award focus on the character of the individual, her ability and achievements and how her work impacts on the problems in South African society.
The work of these women must be significant in terms of creating a better future for South Africans. It must show a desire to do something about the biggest challenges South African society faces as these difficulties all have the potential to damper our future.

STRENGTH AND DETERMINATION - The nominee must have achieved her goals despite and against all odds and have the strength to overcome the greatest
of obstacles, resolve problems and be determined to attain a positive outcome.

ADAPTABILITY AND HUMANITY - It must be a characteristic of the nominee to adapt fast and efficiently to changing circumstances while being steered by a value system that treasures the reality that a person is only a person through other people.

VISION AND MODESTY - The nominee must have a broader vision of the challenging society in which South Africans live. She must also show modesty and rather than boasting, must prefer to be understated and not to be very vocal about achieving.

LEADERSHIP - Great leadership has changed the destiny of this country. A nominee in this Award must have the leadership ability to affect human behaviour to accomplish a mission and must be capable of influencing people to achieve set goals.

INTEGRITY - The nominee must live according to values, beliefs and principles that shape the future for the better. A nominee for the Award must subscribe to actions of integrity.

The Award Categories:

The five categories focus on identified social needs that will have a positive impact on the future of the country:

HEALTH CARE-GIVERS - South Africans deserve sustainable, well-managed and efficient health care. The nominee must work as either a professional or volunteer to help people in South Africa receive optimum health care now and in the future. It could mean healing or caring for ill people or looking for solutions to prevent, treat and manage illness.

EDUCATORS - Education is still in the process of transition in South Africa. It continues to hold the key to a brighter future for our country. The nominee should work as either
a professional or volunteer educating the people of South Africa. This could mean teaching, developing and/or researching programmes and methods for a better-educated country.

SOCIO-ECONOMIC BUSINESS DEVELOPERS - South Africa has a strong entrepreneurial business culture, boasting everything from corner shops to big business. It is seen as
a powerhouse of the African continent. The nominee must as a social entrepreneur, have made a significant contribution to the success of a specific sustainable business or business in general throughout the year. The future prospects of the business must be encouraging.

GOOD NEIGHBOURS AGAINST CRIME - South Africans have a proud history of uplifting the community, fighting poverty and standing up for human rights to progress, but crime has become one of the most devastating social debilities in the country. In this category the focus is on the character of the nominee and her ability and achievements to prevent
or reduce crime in the community.

YOUTH MOVERS - South Africa has countless talented young people with the potential to achieve with the best in the world. Their potential must, however, be realised and developed. The nominee needs to be a voice that will cultivate social change through the implementation of various programmes that will provide youths with skills to enable them to make a meaningful contribution to our society.

The time frame for achievement in the five categories of the Award focuses on the current and the recent past. The achievement and its impact must have occurred only in the three years prior to the Award year. Therefore between April 2008 and April 2011.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - This Award will celebrate a single South African who during her or his lifetime has inspired generations through changing times and trends. The recipient must have been true to her- or himself and would have maintained integrity and commanded the respect from peers. The Award will go to a South African who, through action and conduct, has inspired others and lived by the definition above.

There is no time frame for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

I'm quite surprised that they contacted me, asking me to enter again... Will think about it. Please pray for me regarding this.


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