Friday, May 13, 2011

Atlanta Girl: Possible Features Writer?

I tried to contact Atlanta Girl a few months ago, but gave up trying because the emails either came back to me as undelivered, or they simply didn't answer my tweets on Twitter.

However, I received a tweet from their editor yesterday, in which she expressed her desire that she would like it if I became an Atlanta Girl. I immediately responded and said that I will send my emails to them again and try to connect with them, once again. Let's see if the connection can be made.

Atlanta Girl's Mission:

It’s the perfect blend. Take the self empowerment focus of O, The Oprah Magazine, combine it with the fabulous fashion of Vogue, add educational, engaging articles on beauty, books, business and more, and tailor everything to appeal to the tween/teen girl market – that’s Atlanta Girl. A powerful new publication that offers a mix like no other and is destined to impact the way girls live, dress and yes, shop in Atlanta.

At the core of Atlanta Girl is a message of positivity. Girls will learn how to avoid unconstructive habits, deal with peer pressure and emulate respectable, successful role models. They will be encouraged to give back to their community, explore their personal talents and embrace diversity. The staff of the publication is dedicated to continually provide this impressionable young audience with guidance, motivation, fashion and fun.

Visit Atlanta Girl's Official Website:

Keep your thumbs crossed that Atlanta Girl & I will be able to work together in the future...!


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