Monday, May 2, 2011

Miss Deaf International 2010: Disqualification & 1st Princess

Miss Deaf International Board Members Makes an Announcement

With regret Miss Deaf International (MDI) officially declares to disqualify Ms. Julia Abbou (France) from the title Miss Deaf International 2010 and Miss Deaf Photographic. Ms. Julie Abbou obtained these titles during Miss Deaf International's final ceremony in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada last July of 2010.

Statement of the reasons:

Ms. Julia Abbou (France) participated as a contestant at Miss Deaf International 2010 and she won the titles as Miss Deaf International 2010 and Miss Deaf Photographic. Prior to the competitions, all young ladies signed the forms which require winner to act as an Ambassador on behalf of MDI in cooperative and amicable ways, else one will be stripped of her title(s). Unfortunately, she had greatly under performed with MDI management for travel purpose to present MDI as an Ambassador. The basic purpose for this rule is simply to promote the highest status of competitions, highest reputation among those who received titles, increase the empowerment among Deaf women and to prevent harming the prestige of Miss Deaf International. Our arranged itineraries and expectations had been repeatedly broken. She also did not sign the contract since she received the revised contract back in November, 2010.

In addition to above, below mentioned titles are the highest which any Deaf young lady can achieve in the Miss competitions worldwide – Miss Deaf International, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, 3rd runner up, and 4th runner up as well as Miss Deaf Congenitally and Miss Deaf Photographic. Our rules clearly stated that it is absolutely inadmissible for the girl who received one of the above titles, to participate in other competition of lower level.

We are referring to the competitions of Miss Deaf World and Miss Deaf Europe which are for all competing Deaf young ladies at the highest level and received titles the most reputable. Every girl can participate these competitions even two times, under condition, which she was not awarded with any of the titles during her first participation.

It should be an honor for all competing young ladies to represent their countries from the whole world to have a chance to participate Miss Deaf World and Miss Deaf Europe. The more pride should be for every young lady, who will succeed to receive one of the titles from these highly respectful world competitions.

With above validity, on April 15, 2011 the title Miss Deaf International 2010 was taken from Ms. Julia Abbou and given to Ms. Lore Ameloot (Miss Deaf Belgium) and her title as 1st Runner up Miss Deaf International 2010 goes to Ms. Vicki Fourie (South Africa), who took originally 2nd place. The 2nd place goes to Miss Deaf Lithuania, Laura Levita ValytÄ— who originally third place. The third place goes to Miss Deaf USA skipping Miss Deaf Iran, Sahar Motogain due to her inappropriate behavior. The fourth place goes to Miss Deaf Brazil.

•MDI winner is Ms. Lore Ameloot (Miss Deaf Belgium)
•1st runner up is Vicki Fourie (South Africa)
•2nd runner up is Laura Levita ValytÄ— (Miss Deaf Lithuania)
•3rd runner up is Michelle Koplitz (Miss Deaf USA)
•4th runner up is Vanessa Vidal (Miss Deaf Brazil)
Let us congratulate Lore Amelott for being our Miss Deaf International 2010. She will shine MDI as an Ambassador for Today's empowering women.

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