Thursday, June 16, 2011

HQ Pony: Regular Column & Interview

HQ Pony responded - they will be giving me my own column as Miss Deaf SA & Miss Deaf International 1st Princess. The new editor - Colleen Mulroonley - will be giving me space to write in the first 6 issues of HQ Pony, and there's definitely a possibility that she will interview me as well. It's great to be on-board!

Here's what Colleen has to say:

As you mentioned, riding is therapeutic and as far as I'm concerned, the more people who ride, the better the world will be. Horses teach us about perseverance, discipline, freedom and other qualities too numerous to mention. Your articles will probably also appeal to, and hopefully reach, the moms who we know read our mag too. They sit in the car and take a look at it when their kids are at their riding lessons.

HQ Pony's Mission:

Our magazine is aimed primarily at girls aged 10-14, although it is read by younger and older readers with a smattering of boys who read it too. The magazine's aim is to teach and empower not only riders, but all youngsters who love horses, they don't necessarily have to have their own horse, nor do they need to ride in order to enjoy HQP. One of the strongest themes which I've noticed emerging in the 2 years I've been working on the mag, is the bond and relationship which readers constantly aim to achieve with whatever horse they're riding or know. Themes are fun and safety with ponies, as well as learning important skills.

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