Monday, June 6, 2011

Real Online Magazine: Contributing Writer

I contacted Real Magazine from Australia and asked them whether I could become a regular contributor to their online magazine. I received the following positive response from REAL Girl Productions' Director, Erin Young:

I just read your CV and I love your ideas for REAL articles…absolutely brilliant and so relevant to young women.

We are also launching out new site on July 1st – in partnership with Eating Disorders Victoria, so we will have an increase in traffic to the site and much more content which is really exciting.

I would love to have you on board Vicki, you sound inspirational yourself!!!

This is such great news! Be sure to check out the website - it's full of incredible articles & stories. Best of all: it's got such great graphic designs!

Real's official website:

About Real:

REAL is a heartbeat, a love letter, a wink, a kiss, a smile, a tear, a hug. REAL is two hands holding, a single idea, a dream, a fire, a sea, a crazy pirate, a colour, a song, a season. Being real can’t be written in words, there’s no manual on how to be real, because we are all real, if we exist we are real.

REAL is an organisation of young women who are working towards building a generation of girls who feel inspired to do amazing and outrageous things; an empire of young women who are challenged to think outside the box.

REAL believes that all girls are unique, beautiful and have something incredible to offer this simply being yourself :)


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