Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kaelosa: TV Story Submission

eTV has a program called Kaelosa where true South African stories are told every week.

I have submitted my story. Let's hope it gets accepted!

More on Kaelosa:

Since 2005, Kaelo-Stories of Hope has brought to our screens inspiring stories of how companies, communities, government and the civil sector are connecting and communicating for social change.

This CSI multi-media marketing project is a unique platform to showcase and promote positive, sustainable CSI projects which are being implemented in South Africa. Supported by ABSA and the MTN Foundation, the Kaleo Stories of Hope platform consists of a weekly TV show a coffee-table book, online and social media elements, networking dialogue sessions and annual conference, publicity and newspaper coverage and inserts. The platform was specially developed to showcase social development initiatives in South Africa, providing organisations with a credible, measurable platform to build reputational value.

Kaelo-Stories of Hope is the largest, most established platform of this kind on the continent and over the last six years we have told over 450 CSR project stories for over 45 organisations.

This year's programme line-up, now on, promises to be even more exciting as we feature stories from all over the country, telling the incredible stories of hope through the eyes of the people on the ground.

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