Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sweet Designs: Cover Girl 'My Name Means Victorious'

I'm the cover girl for Sweet Designs' September 2011 issue!

To read the article that I wrote ('My Name Means Victorious'), copy & paste the following link in your search bar:

Here's an excerpt on the article:

Editor's Note: Vicki was crowned Miss Deaf South Africa 2009/2010, and was also 1st Princess, Miss Deaf International 2010. Vicki joined the SDM staff in April 2011 and contributed "8 Things We Can Learn from Taylor Swift" (June 2011). With some recent life changes, she has been unable to contribute regularly as she had hoped, but I asked her to share her story, as I feel our readers will find it quite interesting.

Even though I have 97% hearing loss, I learned how to speak like a hearing person and I am extremely good at lipreading. I used to think that my hearing aids are just a normal thing you put on, like using glasses for reading. I still think that way. People always come up to me and say, "It's amazing how easily you adapt with hearing people. You have no stumbling blocks or holdbacks."

To me it's interesting because my reaction is always this: "God gave me this situation, and I have made the best of it. I've overcome it, and therefore I can go forward in life."

We were born not to survive, but to thrive. I detest the attitude of "I'm a victim, so the world owes me something." The world owes us nothing! We should be victorious over our circumstances. It is possible. My name's meaning is significant to this. "Vicki" comes from the word "Victory." I was meant to be victorious, and not a victim...


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