Friday, September 2, 2011

'Victorious With Vicki' Column: 'The Perfect Kind Of Fear'

My first submission for Devoted (CRC's monthly magazine) has been sent in!

The article's called 'The Perfect Kind Of Fear' & it will be published in the next issue of Devoted. My column's called 'Victorious With Vicki' & it will be placed in the youth division.

Here's an excerpt on the article:

I’m not the kinda gal who likes to do extreme stuff. You’ll never catch me jumping out of an airplane or risking my life by swimming with sharks. I tend to play it safe, and I prefer to avoid that funny feeling called fear.
Do you have an intense fear of heights? Wait – not a fear of heights – but a fear of falling? You lose your grasp and your control, and you... just... start... falling... Without having something (or someone) to hold on to...

Are you becoming afraid?

Me too. I’m deadly afraid of losing control...

Will let you know when the magazine's available in selected stores!


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