Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lindi Walters Funksie: Optrede

Die 22ste Oktober 2011 het ek in Belville opgetree as gasspreker om geld in te samel vir Lindi - 'n 5-maande oud baba'tjie wat 'n kandidaat is vir 'n koglere inplanting.

Om fotos te sien van die funksie:

Hier is Lindi se storie - as jy belangstel om vir geldjies te gee, kontak my by & dan sal ek vir jou die bankbesonderhede aanstuur.

Hi, my name is Lindi Walters. I was born on the 4th of May this year. When I was two days old and still in the hospital an audiologist performed a standard newborn hearing screening test. I failed this test in both ears. It is however not uncommon for newborn babies to fail this initial test seeing that some water from the birthing process can still be in the ear canals. I did however fail the same test four weeks later. When I was seven weeks old I went for three more tests that revealed that I did indeed have some degree of hearing loss.

My paediatrician examined my ears and found them to be healthy, meaning that my hearing loss was not due to an infection. One more test, done in my sleep, confirmed that I have profound sensorineural hearing loss and that I was a candidate for a cochlear implant...


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