Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Women24: 'Vicki Talks Miss Deaf World Pageant'

Head over to Women24.com to read about my participation in the Miss Deaf World earlier this year:


Here's an excerpt on the interview:

Vicki Fourie, Miss Deaf South Africa, may not have won the Miss Deaf World pageant, but she did well at the pageant.

1) Tell us about Prague and the Miss Deaf World pageant. Did you enjoy it? Have any opportunities arisen from it?

There were over 38 girls from all around the world that competed in this prestigious event that lasted for about 6 days.

The accommodation, food and travel for the participants and their chaperones was paid for by the Miss Deaf World organisers. Everyday the contestants would receive so many giveaways. My suitcase was too heavy by the time I had to return to S.A – that’s how much they blessed us during our stay there!

I didn’t win a place at the Miss Deaf World pageant... BUT opportunities opened up as i was asked to star in a new movie...!


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