Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MyMag: 'Doing The Impossible'

In the October 2011 issue of MyMag (BFN), you flip to page 31 & read my inspirational article, 'Doing The Impossible.'

Special thanks to Marzanne Wilken for giving me this opportunity.

There's a possibility that I might get my own monthly column & start writing for them every month. Will keep you guys updated on that.

Meanwhile, here's an excerpt on the article:

Beethoven strived in the music world while his own music teacher had mocked him as a child, saying he’d never be good enough. Helen Keller learned to write, read, and even got to speak like a normal person, yet she was blind and deaf. Our own hero, Jesus Christ, was but a carpenter’s son in the unknown village of Nazareth. Yet God said the whole world will one day bow down before Him…

What do all these significant people of history have in common…? They overcame the impossible while every one mocked and discouraged them for dreaming bigger than life itself.

Think about it. God doesn’t change. Is there any obstacle that you think would keep Him from using you for His utmost glory? God wants to use you - just like He did with Helen Keller, Beethoven, and Jesus himself...


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