Friday, December 9, 2011

Indwe: 'Lending A Helping Hand'

In the December 2011 issue of SA Express' InFlight magazine, Indwe, you can flip to pages 64 & 65 to read 'Letters from you, our customers.'

An excerpt from a thank-you letter that I wrote after SA Express had sponsored me & my mananger with flight tickets, have been published on page 65.

Here's the small part they published:

Dear SA Express,
Thank you so much for sponsoring
me & my manager with fl ight tickets
We had a wonderful time. Please fi nd
attached an offi cial letter of thanks
from me as former Miss Deaf SA.
Thank you.
Vicki Fourie
Miss Deaf SA

To read the PDFD online version of this month's Indwe, visit the following page (Note: you need to be registered - click on the top button to do so, it's free):

Special thanks to Andrew Stone for letting me know that they had published it in the Indwe.


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