Monday, December 5, 2011

Sport Legends (Grassrootz): 2012 TV Presenter?

I received the following email a few weeks ago - it's very exciting & if it should happen, it would indeed be quite an honour:

I have this idea of organising my own Sport Talk Show and be hosted by one the venues in Bloemfontein and inviting Sports Legends (Players/Officials/Radio Presenters) once a week/month depeanding on the availability of the venue and their budget.

I am talking about unsung heroes who represented South Africa during NPSL and NSL during Apartheid time. Next year is ANC centenary in Mangaung is all about politics but I am highly interested to find out how the logo of Bloemfontein Celtic Football Club survived all this years. The logo represents a player punching the air in jubilation after scoring a goal and it was also linked to the political situation of that time.

I know you atteded the auditions for Top Billing presenter recently, i dont know if you will be interested to be the host if things goes well?

Some Ideas

1. Give them awards
2. Live Music Band
3. Get TV Footage
4. Record messages of the for mates to be played during the show
5. Facebook page for their fans to comment and ask questions

Sounds very VERY exciting!! Will let you guys know when it will happen for sure.


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