Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cherlize Lerm Fondsinsameling: Celeb Ontbyt

Tjokkies se leerlingraads projek gaan vir Cherlize, 'n 10-jarige meisie, 'n fondsinsaling oggend hou Saterdag, die 18de Februarie. Daardie oggend is 'n celeb ontbyt saam klomp bekendes. Jackie Louw sing spesiaal '1miljoen Woorde' vir Cherlize ('n liedjie wat baie beteken vir hulle deur hierdie hele tyd). Jana Du plessis gaan haar getuienis lewer. Kaartjies is beskikbaar teen R70 per persoon.

Ek is genooi as een van die celebs vir daardie Saterdag. Indien u meer belangstel om vir Cherlize te ondersteun, lees verder:

This little angel (see photo above) is Cherlize Lerm. She’s 10 years old and a few weeks ago she was diagnosed with Cancer. It started in her leg and has spread to her lung. She is undergoing a very aggressive form of chemotherapy and has just started her second course of treatments. Even though the chemo has been making her very ill, she’s been incredibly brave and... is even going to school and playing hockey, her favorite sport, when she’s feeling up to it. Her hair has started falling out and according to her doctor a left upper leg amputation will most likely be required in the future. As you are probably aware, prosthetic limbs are very expensive and since Cherlize is still growing, hers will have to be replaced regularly. The family needs all the support that you can give and your contributions, no matter how small, will help them tremendously.
Please keep this little girl and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your support and kindness. It means so much.

Account Details:
Name: C Lerm
Standard Bank
Brandwag Branch
Savings Account
a/c no. 140389660

Kaartjies is beskikbaar teen R70 per persoon. Hoop ek sien u daar!



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