Monday, February 20, 2012

O - The Oprah Magazine: 'The Role Model'

I'm in the Oprah Magazine! What an immense honour! Buy the March 2012 issue of O Magazine & flip to page 105 to read 'The Role Model.'

Here's the short excerpt they wrote on me:

'Growing up, Vicki Fourie, often felt like an outsider, especially in large groups. With 97% hearing loss, she found herself left out of people's conversations and was terrified of speaking in public. She suffered some depression in her early teenage years, but her outlook on life changed when she was shot, by accident, at the age of 14.
'After that, I decided not to let my fear control me anymore. Instead, I decided to conquer it,' she says. Following this, Vicki begun sharing her life story. She braved groups of 30 or 40 people, and overcame the hang-ups she had about how her voice sounded and whether there were pronunciation mistakes.
Now she is an author, motivational speaker and model, having earned the title of Miss Deaf SA 2009/2010. Inspired by her success in the pageant world, Vicki has written a memoir that will be published later this year.
'I believe South Africa - and the whole world - has many opportunities. Life is full of choices, and the chance to have a positive outlook doesn't just fall in one's lap - you need to make a choice to practice this attitude in life,' she says.'

Article: Take The Oprah Challenge


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