Saturday, May 4, 2013

Straatligkinders - PETRUS: Press Release

STRAATLIGKINDERS release their music video for PETRUS with Sign Language by Vicki Fourie

This week saw the release of a new music video by STRAATLIGKINDERS for their song PETRUS - featuring former Miss Deaf South Africa and runner up Miss Deaf International, VICKI FOURIE, interpreting the song in sign language.

The video was shot at various locations across Cape Town by Werner Botha from Plastiek (also director of photography for the shoot) and directed by Bouwer Bosch. The video features Bouwer Bosch singing PETRUS, with Vicki Fourie next to him interpreting the song and lyrics in sign language, with their background constantly changing and taking the viewer on a journey across Cape Town.

“I came up with the concept for the video about a year ago and did some research about hearing impaired people in SA and came across Vicki Fourie. I read her story about her raising funds to get a cochlear operation so she can have 80% hearing and we wanted to try and help from our side with awareness around what she is doing with her life. We wanted to help tell her story.”

When Bouwer contacted Vicki, she was immediately eager about the idea for the video. The only problem was that she does not really speak sign language - she lipreads and speaks like a hearing person as means of communication. After listening to the powerful song, she knew that she had to be involved. She contacted the National Institute For The Deaf in Worcester, and asked them to help her learn the song in sign language. They were very keen and it was a great team effort, and it resulted in this beautifully interpreted song in sign language.

“I couldn’t believe that Bouwer actually had the guts to do something like this – something that’s so original, fresh and interesting. Something that’s never really been done before. More than 10% of South Africa’s population struggles with hearing loss, and it’s the reality that we have to face daily. The fact that Straatligkinders decided to this video in SL as well, makes it more welcoming for people with hearing loss to enjoy this video as well. This video will inspire the artists out there to start drawing in the deaf community.

I’ve already received some feedback from certain deaf people, and they are incredibly excited! They’ve never really seen anything like this happen before, especially not in the South African music industry. The fact that Straatligkinders – a band with such high influence and stature – acknowledges that there are deaf people out there that uses sign language as means of communication – even when singing – is amazing.” - Vicki Fourie.

Watch the video for PETRUS here!

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