Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Purely Local Magazine: 'Victorious Vicki Making Waves'

I'm featured in the new issue of Purely Local (West Coast).
An excerpt:
'"Life owes you nothing – it’s your responsibility to make something out of it,” Vicki says. She has also written a few books. “In high school I was always quite lonely. I thought I was alone in the world and the only one who had to face my battles. I found comfort in my bible diary. After I became a motivational speaker, I decided that I wanted to write a diary that could help other people through loneliness. This is how my book God Lief My came about,” says Vicki. Her first book is a memoir titled Viva la Vicki! and she wrote it herself. “I am planning on writing more books, as well as to become involved in the TV and film industry as a scriptwriter and actor whilst still continuing with my motivation talks,” says Vicki.
 Vicki is proof that your success does not depend on the cards you were dealt in life. It is up to you to step up and make your life count.'

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