Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WGSA: Documentary Workshop

I attended the Writer's Guild of South Africa's Documentary Writing/Filmmaking Workshop at the SAE Institute in Woodstock Exchange, on the 25th of April 2015.
Here are some of my notes:
'If I knew the answers, I wouldn't be making it (documentary filmmaking)'
'I realized I could turn whatever happened to me, into stories'
'One page of scriptwriting equals 10 minutes of edited filmmaking'
'Write on one page the whole story, then turn it over. Write ONE line. That's what the film will be about. Everything else falls under it'
'Documentary Scriptwriting: More rewarding things happens during production and post - production, than in pre-production'
'While filming, you realize the story is different, complex, deeper'
'The final draft of the film is nor written (complete) till the final outcome of the film'
'Definition of Documentary Filmmaking: The world seen through an artist's eye'
'It's a much bigger challenge to face the world through this way'

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